Case Studies

Case Studies

Aegis Enables EPE to Deliver Tier-One Information and Control

Aegis Manufacturing Operations Software enables EPE Corporation to deliver world-class visibility and control and outperform tier-one EMS companies without endless software customization and report development costs.

EPE creates a robust Counterfeit Avoidance program in its supply chain.

The EPE approach emulates the AS-5553 standard but adds strict requirements to becoming an EPE supplier, including memberships to the Electronics Resellers Association (ERAI).

EPE establishes expertise in the placement of Land Grid Arrays (LGA).

The EPE process eliminated the incidence of voiding and pad lifting of LGA assemblies.

EPE eliminates solder defects with an investment in 3D Solder Paste Inspection (SPI) equipment.

EPE see dramatic improvements in quality, throughput and costs with SPI investment.


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