EPE Corporation’s ability to produce high-reliability electronics products relies not only on our own internal expertise and capabilities, but also on a complex supply chain that provides the critical materials, components, and services that go into the manufacture and delivery of our products.

From product design and NPI to volume manufacturing and logistics, EPE leverages a diverse network of strategic supply and distribution partners that add significant value to our range of electronics products and assemblies.

These are companies large and small whose innovative capabilities, commitment to quality and performance standards, and materials and services enable us to meet unique customer requirements and manufacture and deliver custom solutions flexibly, cost effectively, and predictably.

The following resources provide more in-depth information on EPE’s supplier requirements:

Our Suppliers’ Success Is Our Success

EPE is committed to helping our supplier partners succeed, and strives to build and strengthen these relationships continuously. As integral components to our operations and to our reputation for meeting and exceeding customer expectations, we hold all of our suppliers to our rigorous criteria for performance, quality, compliance, pricing, delivery, and flexibility.

Our thorough reporting and risk management processes enable proactive planning with our suppliers to ensure that we can respond effectively and quickly to our customers’ fluctuating manufacturing and distribution demands:

  • Component vulnerability
    • NCNR inventory
    • Long-lead BOM planning
    • Product lifecycle planning
      • End of Life
      • Diminishing Manufacturing Sources
    • Volatile commodity/supplier planning
  • In-house stores
  • MRP Share
    • Blanket POs and release schedules
    • Weekly pipeline reports
  • KanBan
  • Breadman/Line-side stocking

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