Internet of Things

Although EPE Corporation has been manufacturing products which collect and transfer data over the internet for several years, we are anticipating unprecedented growth in this market segment and will plan accordingly. Our capabilities include placing sensors on flexible and rigid printed circuit boards, loading software using our Corelis tool and providing (limited) functional test development. Some examples of the products we have built are:

  • Home security/law enforcement surveillance
  • Medical wearable products
  • Hydration systems
  • Test/measurement data collection systems
  • Voice as a service (VaaS) customer service monitoring
  • Physiological monitoring units for athletes
  • Warehouse/distribution/ manufacturing analyses

EPE understands the need to accommodate rapid turnaround for product launches and production ramps, and we incorporate innovative component placement techniques to mitigate waste and improve yields.

Throughout our more than five decades of doing business, our commitment to those customers who rely on the internet for their products to function has been proven. We remain fixed in that support with integrity, ingenuity, and our reputation for success, but also flexible for the new products that are currently being designed.