RF Communications

RF Communications

EPE has the capabilities, experience and equipment necessary to build and test a wide variety of RF circuits and communications equipment.  These circuits include:

EPEBullet Up and down converters

EPEBullet Oscillators

EPEBullet Amplifiers

EPEBullet Filters

EPEBullet Single and dual mixing assemblies

EPEBullet Modulators

EPEBullet Demodulators

EPEBullet Double and tripling circuits, etc.

In addition, EPE also has experience working with a wide variety of video/audio encoders, decoders, and IP encapsulation circuits.  These circuits range in frequency from baseband through IF (intermediate frequency) all the way up to the RF frequencies ranging from 2 – 18GHz.

EPE can build and test standalone PWA’s, module assemblies and final assembly chassis units, which include power supplies, front panels and backplanes.   Services such as calibration, loading and programming software / firmware, MAC addresses, licensing etc., can be performed so that these units are completed products when leaving EPE, and can be shipped directly to end customers, if so desired.

EPE uses a wide variety of test equipment such as power meters, spectrum and network analyzers, noise figure meters, signal generators and oscilloscopes specifically used for RF testing.  In addition, we have the necessary test equipment to test digital modulators and video encoders, which include BER testers, ASI analyzers, SDI video generators, audio analyzers and Ethernet testers.

The testing department is staffed by test engineers who write and review test procedures, train test technicians, validate each test before releasing to production, troubleshoot and review test equipment.  The test technicians are very familiar handling and working with all aspects of communication circuits, test equipment, programming devices and data collection.