Component Engineering


Our sophisticated quality systems, real-time reporting capabilities, and our continuous improvement approach to manufacturing enable EPE to build quality into every product we manufacture.

In addition, we proudly empower our employees to implement quality processes beyond the system level, providing them with the necessary training and resources with the ultimate goal of enabling continuous improvement throughout our organization.

The Elements of Quality

Many of the components of EPE’s quality process fall outside of the categories of quality systems and reporting, however, are just as crucial to the manufacturing process as visibility and traceability. These include:

Component Engineering

EPE component engineers ensure the availability of suitable components for product manufacture by:

  • Identifying unique components with part marking requirements
  • Interfacing with customer on alternate component opportunities
  • Interfacing with vendors on component and PCB concerns
  • Performing failure analysis using outside vendors

Counterfeit Avoidance Program

An increasing volume of counterfeit electronic components is infiltrating the supply chain, and is posing significant risk to the performance, reliability, and safety of high performance and high-reliability electronic equipment and applications. EPE’s robust Counterfeit Component Avoidance program enforces the SAE AS5553 standards and other practices to mitigate the risks of procuring, inventorying, and installing counterfeit parts. In addition:

Lean Manufacturing

EPE consistently focuses on improving customer value through our lean manufacturing processes, including:

  • Line balancing
  • Efficiency improvements
  • Tracking operation effectiveness and asset utilization
  • Direct labor efficiency

Process Engineering

EPE process engineers focus on the design, operation, control, and optimization of the physical processes of manufacturing, including:

  • Optimizing wave solder profiles and recipes
  • Evaluating intrusive reflow
  • Eliminating manual processes
  • Maximizing and balancing mechanical assembly areas

Quality Engineering

The EPE quality engineering team tests the quality of the products during manufacture by:

  • Reviewing and reacting to process defects
  • Maximizing automated operations and reducing manual process steps
  • Ensuring critical information is captured in documentation

Quality Through and Through

Quality doesn’t begin and end with a system or process. People are the key to enforcing quality and continuous improvement. EPE empowers our employees to do just that throughout our organization in order to provide our customers with high quality, high-reliability electronic products.