Quality Systems

Quality Systems

The very nature of our high-reliability EMS business requires that EPE has a laser-focus on quality and control throughout our manufacturing process. In addition to our strict adherence to the use of industry best practices and standards, certifications and compliance in our manufacturing processes, EPE leverages a sophisticated Aegis Manufacturing Operations Software (MOS) system to enable continuous improvement and provide the visibility and quantifiable performance needed to meet your high-reliability product requirements. Our quality system capabilities include:

A Watchful Eye

Quality SystemsEPE’s robust Aegis MOS system enables us to meet the strict control and visibility demands of our customers. Beginning with your initial product idea, your incoming request is processed within the MOS system at an engineering station in our factory office. BOMs are cleaned, and the route and quality plans are designed. Visual, interactive, and CAD-aware documentation is automated and machine programs are created. Machine libraries are managed over the network directly to the machine servers, and programs are dispatched directly to the machines when finished. Every aspect of the MOS system operates on a single server and database, supporting controlled, traceable collaboration regarding your new product launch.

Your prepared job is launched to the EPE shop floor system only after electronic approval, and the approval records themselves become part of our holistic traceability of the MOS system.

On the EPE shop floor, as your job initiates, the system presents the components, tooling, chemicals and machine programs required at each station. It locks the process until they are verified. The visuals built by the EPE engineers in the office now are presented digitally under proper revision control, eliminating shop floor documentation management overhead and risk. If emergencies arise or an immediate change is needed, the MOS system assists the targeting of process deviations and sends them instantly to all applicable shop floor stations.

As the process executes, data flows back to the MOS system from multiple sources. The simple scan points of each product movement provide active WIP visibility and performance monitoring. The machines emit real-time information streams supporting fault, performance, and OEE monitoring. Test rigs send their measurement information back for diagnostics, SPC, and traceability.

As the units move through AOI or AXI, the event streams from inspection enter the MOS systems, but the repair terminals of the MOS system present the visual of the product with quality indictments displayed on them, so EPE operators can move easily through corrective actions. Our hand assembly stations use the visuals to expedite their activities while scanning units along the route and are warned if any unit is out of sequence or out of route.

Every event and data stream emerging from the process is related automatically to the units present when they occurred, building a deeply rich and detailed total traceability set for each product unit.

Re-Tracing the Steps

EPE provides the extreme level of visibility and control of the manufacturing process that is required for your high-reliability product. A competitive advantage for us, the benefits are there for you, as well, knowing that each product unit will be delivered with the highest levels of quality and reliability. And, we’ve got the documentation to prove it.

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