Design for Manufacturability

Valor pic Chuck foundEngineering: Design for Manufacturability

One of the key factors in accelerating your time-to-market is ensuring upfront that your product design and prototype can be manufactured efficiently when it transitions to sustainable volume manufacturing. EPE’s design for manufacturability review (DFM) is essential prior to manufacturing to ensure that your product is ready for cost effective and efficient volume production.

The Review Process

EPE’s Design for Manufacturability review process starts with a simulation of the assembly process with EPE’s Valor NPI DFM software solution from Mentor Graphics. You can see a demonstration of the software by clicking on the video below.

The Valor DFM software utilizes the customer CAD and BOM information, combined with component manufacturer’s data within the Valor Parts Library (VPL), to simulate the assembly of the new product and running hundreds of design checks to ensure the design complies with assembly and test processes.  This rapid review provides the invaluable design feedback to the customer’s design team and EPE’s process engineering team so that design adjustments can be made prior to incurring expensive NRE and material costs that would otherwise be wasted during a traditional prototype run.  EPE provides a comprehensive report from this review process within 72 hours of receiving customer design data.

The DFM process continues throughout the product’s lifecycle. From initial prototype builds through each revision change of the product, EPE’s process engineers continually review assembly and test data to continuously improve the assembly process through design recommendations and process adjustments.

Getting it Right the First Time

In our business, “close enough” isn’t good enough. EPE’s DFM process ensures that we get it right the first time in order to reduce your overall costs and minimize delays, errors, and quality issues when your prototype enters the production phase.


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