Design Partners

Engineering: Design Partners

The ability to introduce new products to the market quickly is a critical competitive advantage in today’s dynamic business climate. From concept to production, EPE electronic manufacturing services enable aggressive time-to-market actions that help secure new business opportunities. We also provide a seamless process that integrates test development and design support to ensure that your product can be manufactured efficiently and cost effectively.

Our Partners

In order to maximize the potential of your product, EPE works with design partners who specialize in testing and perfecting the engineering design and manufacturability of your product, pre-manufacture. Ultimately, this enables our engineers to optimize the manufacturing processes, reduce the potential for delays, mitigate costs, and eliminate quality issues later in the production cycle.

Our critical design partners include:

Odic Inc. – embedded electronics design, cross-industry solutions

Epec Engineered Technologies – flex circuits, cross-industry solutions

Carroll Design – industrial design, specializing in business equipment, medical devices, and consumer products

One-stop Shopping

As an essential step in our electronic manufacturing services process, EPE taps into the expertise and testing capabilities of our engineering design partners to maximize the potential, repeatability, and quality of your manufactured product. This seamless process reduces your time-to-market, and results in the best possible solution for you.

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