Flex Circuits

Flex Circuits

As electronics devices such as cell phones and digital cameras get smaller, lighter, and add more functionality, the demand for flex circuits continues to increase. Flex and rigid flex circuits inherently offer higher reliability by reducing connector count and can accommodate physical restrictions when space, size, or production constraints limit the use of rigid Printed Circuit Board (PCB) technology.

EPE’s manufacturing environment, state-of-the-art equipment, and our staff’s specialized flex circuit skills combine to support your needs expertly for a variety of high density, tight tolerance, multi-layer flex circuit technologies that fit an unlimited array of packaging configurations.  From RF and industrial to medical to defense applications, EPE maintains the reliable performance and repeatability of traditional PCB’s with flexible alternatives.

Go Where No PCB Has Gone Before

While their flexible construction and variable size/shape make them an ideal alternative to rigid PCBs for today’s miniaturized electronic devices, flex circuits are prone to more handling and singulation risks than traditional rigid PCBs and require expert understanding and more exacting equipment for proper manufacture.

For more than 50 years, EPE has designed and manufactured three dimensional flex circuits for a wide range of uses, including demanding applications in medical, aerospace, and defense. We apply that specialized experience and the use of precise equipment during the manufacturing process to produce flexible circuitry that is consistent, accurate, and reliable:


 Our engineering team works closely with our flex fabricators to:

  • optimize manufacturability and produce high yields
  • mitigate the risk of solder joint stress and circuit damage


Special process carriers with hold-down capability support the flex circuit assembly during the manufacturing process.


Depending on the volume and complexity of the individual product, the process of singulating the flex circuits is performed:

  • by routing, or
  • by using a singulation die, which shears the circuits from the panel to minimize stress and solder joint cracks

Your Flex Partner

EPE designs and manufactures a variety of flex circuit products with standard surface mount and through-hole construction options. Whether you require space saving, easy to install/remove flex cable assemblies for connecting rigid layers, or rigid-flex assemblies that combine both rigid and flexible substrates, you can rely on EPE to transform your idea into an innovative, flexible product.

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