Higher Level Assembly

Higher Level Assembly

Higher Level AssemblyWhen you’re looking for manufacturing capabilities, you need a company that can meet your short delivery schedules and provide solutions that accommodate diverse designs and fluctuating demand. Reliability, accuracy, flexibility, and cost effectiveness in that environment are crucial factors that you should consider as well.

EPE delivers full, turnkey design and build for your higher level systems assembly, integration, and test needs. Functioning seamlessly as an extension of your company, we deliver the expertise that guides you efficiently from prototype to volume production. Our equipment supports a broad range of program and customer requirements. Our robust processes build cost-efficiencies, quality, and reliability into your product assembly, and provide flexibility and scalability that adjust to your shifting volume demands.

From Prototype to Production

EPE employs a range of assembly technologies, innovative processes, and quality systems to meet the diverse higher level assembly needs of our customers across multiple industries, including defense, industrial, medical, and datacom. Our skilled team has deep experience supporting box build, system integration, and testing solutions.

Our scalable, system level manufacturing capabilities provide flexibility in a high mix environment. We manufacture electronic and electromechanical sub-assemblies (fan trays, power supplies, battery packs, modules, etc.) and system integration in self-contained, uniquely configured cells that support specific program and customer requirements. These dedicated cells enable us to handle dynamic engineering changes and meet your shifting production needs, volumes, and schedules while maintaining optimum quality and productivity.

EPE system assembly and test services include:

Capabilities You Can Count On

Industry best practices, quality and safety standards, and continuous improvement are critical elements that are built into every aspect of our business. EPE applies lean manufacturing processes to drive efficiencies and effectiveness in your higher level assembly production including line balancing and tracking of operation effectiveness, asset utilization, and labor.

In the end, our attention to these important details enables us to strengthen your product quality, maximize asset utilization, minimize your operational costs and cycle time, and deliver a reliable product that meets your flexibility requirements.

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