New Product Introduction

New Product Introduction

Bringing your new products to market quickly and effectively are keys to taking advantage of customer demands and market trends and gaining or maintaining competitive edge. Manufacturing is a critical element of your new product introduction, and can affect your ability to meet accelerated timeframes, maintain quality, and assure scalability for fluctuating product demand.

EPE’s New Product Introduction (NPI) services and expertise extend your manufacturing operations and enable you to act on opportunities with the specialized manufacturing support, the quality systems, and the important agility you need to move your new products from idea to successful creation.

Transforming Ideas into Reality

At the foundation of our NPI process is EPE’s dynamic team of program managers and engineers. With a powerful combination of industry experience, deep expertise, and attention to detail, they navigate your product effectively through every stage of the design and NPI process and provide essential continuity as your product transitions to sustainable volume manufacturing.

To maximize the potential of your product, EPE works with design partners who specialize in testing and perfecting the engineering design and manufacturability of your product during the prototype phase. EPE’s own design for manufacturability (DFM) review also helps ensure that your product is ready for cost effective and efficient volume production. These important steps enable our engineers to optimize the manufacturing process, and reduce the potential of delays, costs, and quality issues later in the production process.

EPE’s materials and engineering teams also work closely with our suppliers to ensure that your cost objectives and aggressive prototype launch timelines are met.

Accelerating Innovation

EPE’s agile, quality focused NPI manufacturing services and cost effective solutions transform your new product idea into reality and enable you to respond quickly and effectively to business opportunities and fluctuating market demands.

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