Manufacturing can be a time and resource intensive process, and, for many companies, a limiting factor when it comes to responding quickly to new business opportunities. But it doesn’t have to be.

For more than 50 years, EPE Corporation has provided cost effective, high-reliability electronic contract manufacturing services that accommodate accelerated time-to-market goals and scale to respond quickly and efficiently to unexpected spikes in demand. From printed circuit board (PCB) prototypes to full production and anything in between, EPE’s longevity, stability, and agility can support your electronic manufacturing needs.

Flexible and Scalable

From our quality driven manufacturing processes and compliant facilities to our professional staff that is certified in a range of technologies and specialized disciplines, EPE supports the manufacturing needs of diverse industries. The result is an extensive offering of high-reliability electronic contract manufacturing services that include:

Full Turnkey Manufacturing:

  • RoHS compliant and non-compliant products
  • Aqueous and no-clean chemistry

Complete Assembly (surface mount, thru-hole, and hand):

Supply Chain:

Test and Repair:

  • Test (functional, in-circuit, and burn-in)
  • Component Replacement

No Margin for Error

EPE’s sophisticated quality systems, continuous improvement, and mission assurance approach to manufacturing build repeatability and performance into our processes and quality into every product.

Our continuous improvement operations include:

  • Real-time and scheduled reporting
  • Immediate and planned responses
  • Integrated scheduling of work orders
  • Continued migration from paper-based operations
  • Expanded use of continuous flow
  • Visual queues

There’s no need for you to miss out on critical business opportunities because of manufacturing limitations. EPE delivers cost effective manufacturing solutions with the agility you need to respond to accelerated turnarounds and fluctuating market demands.

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