Supply Chain

Supply Chain

EPE is positioned at the center of the electronics manufacturing supply chain, and relies on competent suppliers for the materials to manufacture your product. In order to maximize success, EPE is focused on ensuring that all the links in the chain are strong with robust supplier certification requirements, verified strict adherence to security protocols, and regular audits of their performance, quality, compliance, pricing, delivery, and flexibility against our rigorous criteria.

EPE supply chain management provides you with the highest levels of predictability and flexibility in the manufacturing process, with solutions and partnerships that enable us to track supplier inventories, source materials globally, respond quickly to fluctuating market demand, and manage the logistics of getting your product to the end user efficiently all while controlling costs and lead time.

How We Link It All Together

Design and Planning

To help you meet your accelerated time-to-market goals and flexibility needs, EPE engineers work closely with you to design your product, leveraging quality components that can be procured readily and cost effectively from reliable suppliers.  EPE utilizes SiliconExpert, an online component database, to validate Approved Vendor Lists (AVLs) for life cycle status, conflict mineral compliance and RoHS/REACH compliance.  It is also used to recommend possible alternate components in the event of obsolescence, allocation, or manufacturer’s lead-time constraints.



Beginning with materials sourcing and procurement, EPE’s purchasing and planning team assesses your specific requirements and works with our network of reliable supply partners to obtain the raw materials that will be used in the manufacture of your product. We leverage our buying power to secure materials that meet our high standards in pricing, quality, flexibility, and delivery. Our purchasing and planning team also implements schedule changes, ECOs, and other program variations quickly and efficiently.


The EPE materials team works with you proactively to quantify the nature of your demand and understand your service level requirements. This information, along with market benchmarking, has helped us develop a suite of logistics solutions that focus on maintaining flexibility while continually reducing your lead time and cost.

MRP Sharing

Underpinning our logistics solutions is our MRP sharing program, a simple system that facilitates the ordering process with our key supply and distribution partners, provides visibility into supplier release schedules and distributor pipelines, and allows us to respond quickly to increased demand while mitigating liability.

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

EPE’s extensive VMI program builds on the visibility that MRP sharing provides. VMI allows us to maintain a critical balance between service and cost. Not all customers have requirements that are suited to VMI, so EPE also maintains a variety of configurable consigned and bonded inventory programs as well as lean and just-in-time production capabilities such as Kanban and line side supply with our key suppliers and distribution partners. In combination, these programs allow us to create a customer specific solution that recognizes the need for speed and flexibility while controlling cost and liability.

Managing the Chain

For more than 40 years, EPE has managed the supply chain successfully through our network of strategic supply and distribution partners, suite of logistics solutions, and proven processes. Our unwavering focus on the supply chain enables us to continue to exceed our customers’ expectations in meeting their aggressive schedules from new product introduction to volume production. We’ll do our best to exceed yours as well.

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